PELMO for Business
Simplifying Your English Language Testing

Accurately and quickly assess your candidate's English language skills using our online English Testing tools

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Our detailed test reports makes it easy to understand candidate’s capabilities. And our advanced AI system flags non-compliant behaviour.

Industry Specific

We will customize our test to fit the needs, vocabulary and scenarios that match your workplace. In this way, you get results that matter.


Our test lasts less than 60 minutes. Scores are ready within 48 hours and since it's online, candidates can take it safely anywhere.

How can PELMO for Business help your company secure and maintain the best talent?

Retain the best talent

Have all the information you need about their English language capability.

Choose the right people, fast

Reports available within 48 hours or sooner.

Decrease hiring costs

Choose the right candidate the first time.

Feel confident

You have what you need to make the most informed decision.

Use PELMO for Business to enforce:

Increased confidence

A feeling of confidence in and satisfaction with your hiring decision

Reduced risk

Reduced risk of losing a candidate to a competitor

Better understanding

An understanding of the best use of the candidate’s English skills to help grow your company

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Which English language mistakes in the workplace are most challenging to overcome?

PDF to discover the challenges that incorrect use of intonation can cause in the workplace and how to manage them.
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Our Reporting Guarantee

We guarantee that every report will provide you with the substantial information about the candidate’s English language skills that you require to make an informed and confident hiring decision.

Like you, we understand that new hires experience an adjustment period as they become familiar with the company’s culture and expectations. If the new hire is a non-native English speaker but is expected to use English in their job, read the following article on how you can help them be successful from the beginning.

Here is how can you start hiring better:

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Revolutionize your hiring process

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Most business leaders don’t know how to accurately assess the English language skills of non-native English speakers, so we created a simple testing and reporting framework that helps them understand the candidates’ English skills, make a confident hiring decision, and secure the best global talent to help grow their business.

- Tanya Davis, Founder and CEO
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The Three Questions to Ask in an Interview to Reveal English Language Skills

PDF to discover tips that help reveal English language proficiency skills during an interview.
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Tailored to any program requirements

Our test software is flexible to suit your needs. For example, you can request a video upload of an applicant answering specific questions, or even just introducing themselves. We will provide you with a thorough review of the applicant's English language skills. Reach out and tell us your hiring needs and we will tell you how PELMO can help you recruit the best talent for your company. PELMO can be customized to fit any industry and any position.

Advanced anti-cheating technology

Let us help you secure the best talent.

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