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Let us create the perfect English proficiency test for your industry and unique needs.

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Our detailed test reports makes it easy to understand candidate’s capabilities. And our advanced AI system flags non-compliant behaviour.

Industry Specific

We will customize our test to fit the needs, vocabulary and scenarios that match your workplace. In this way, you get results that matter.


Our test lasts less than 60 minutes. Scores are ready within 48 hours and since it's online, candidates can take it safely anywhere.


When you are stressed you don’t perform at your best. PELMO is a low stress test that you can focus on the comfort of your own home and therefore accurately prove your English.

Industry Specific

You don’t need to any crowded test centres. You can take the PELMO assessment anywhere, anytime.


PELMO takes less than 50 minutes to complete. Your organization will receive your candidate’s results in under 48 hours.

A Playbook for Future Success

Unanticipated soft skills training or, worse again, to re-hire for a position due to misunderstandings can be costly. Our Playbook for Future Success will eliminate the worry your organization and the new hire may have about linguistic and cultural misunderstandings.

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Advanced anti-cheating technology

Tailored to any program requirements

Our test software is flexible to suit your needs. For example, you can request a video upload of an applicant answering specific questions, or even just introducing themselves. We will provide you with a thorough review of the applicant's English language skills. Reach out and tell us your hiring needs and we will tell you how PELMO can help you recruit the best talent for your company. PELMO can be customized to fit any industry and any position.

Low stress means
more accurate results

PELMO is challenging the status quo of English language testing and empowering the test-taker by providing a choice of industry specific questions for the applicant to answer. By providing a choice of questions, the applicants feel more in-control and therefore confident, helping them perform at their best. Test results and helpful guidelines for moving forward are determined by highly trained English as a Second Language (ESL) professionals.

Recent studies have shown a negative correlation between a person’s test anxiety and motivation, concentration and achievement, increasing errors during assessments. This stress creates problems recalling the material previously learned.

(Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, May 2011)