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Help your future students get more accurate english proficiency results

  • Secured using AI and each test is proctored
  • Customizable to meet your institution's special needs
  • Get only the results that meet your criteria
  • Stress-free for students
  • Perfect solution for secondary and post-secondary institutions
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Always secure

  • Biometric security through ID verification and use of advanced AI to flag non-compliance behavior = no possibility of cheating
  • Tests recorded and proctored
  • Only tests that achieve our high standards of compliance are submitted


Our test software is flexible to suit your needs. For example, you can request a video upload of a student answering a specific question, or even just introducing themselves. Reach out and tell us your program needs and we will tell you how PELMO can help you recruit the best students for your programs. PELMO can be customized for any education level, we specialize in secondary and post secondary institutions.

Stress free means more accurate results

  • PELMO encourages students to relax and enjoy the test-taking experience. This helps lower their effective filter and demonstrate their true level of English language skills.
  • Test results determined by AI technology and then reviewed by a trained PELMO Test Assessor

Pelmo Benchmarks

118-120 9.0 97-100 C2 10-12
115-117 8.5 90-96
110-114 8.0 84-89 C1 8-9
102-109 7.5 77-83
94-101 7.0 69-76
79-93 6.5 60-68 B2 6-7
60-78 6.0 54-59
46-59 5.5 48-53
35-45 5.0 43-47 B1 5
32-34 4.5 36-42
0-31 0.0-4.0 0-35 A1-A2 0-4

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