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Before you take the real test, you can take the practice test to see what kind of questions you can expect during the real test and see how our test system works.

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Test Structure


Before your test begins you will be asked to take a picture of yourself with and without your ID using your web camera. This is to validate your identity.

Before you test we have to make sure that your are the person that you say you are. We do this by looking at your Government ID (such as your passport) and compare it with the name you have given us. This is to protect you from fraudsters trying to steal your scores and to prevent cheating.

Speaking and Listening

This section will test your speaking and listening skills. You will read sentences and record yourself speaking the sentence, then listen to sentences and record yourself repeating them. This will assess your pronunciation and intonation. Finally, you will listen to an audio recording and answer a few questions, and then watch a video and answer a few questions. Then this section is finished!

Speaking Part A: 2 Questions; you will be asked to read a sentence given to you and say it out loud.

Speaking Part B: 2 Questions; listen to and say the same sentence out loud.

Speaking Part C: 1 Question; speak on one of the topics given below in bold. You are given three speaking points in the form of questions to help you speak on the topic. Please note that the speaking points/questions are just suggestions. You may speak on other points related to the topic as well. Think on the topic for 1.5 minutes and then start recording. You have been given 1 minute to speak on the topic..

Listening Part A: You will choose one of two topics. You will listen to an audio clip carefully. Then you will be asked  two questions based on the audio.

Listening Part B: You will watch a provided video video. Then you will be asked two questions about the given video.

Reading and writing

This section will test your reading and writing skills by, first, choosing between two articles to read and then answering a question about the article. Second, you have three writing topics to choose from, you choose the one you like the most and write your response. Then you're done!

Reading Part: You will choose one of the provided articles. Read the article and answer the questions as fully as you can. You have 25 minutes to read the article and write the answer to the question. Try to write 150-200 words.

Writing Part: You will choose one of the provided questions and write a response. Try to write 150-200 words. You have 20 minutes to plan and write your response.