Score Benchmarks

Here are the levels of achievements as compared to other English proficiency tests out there.

118-120 9.0 97-100 C2 10-12
115-117 8.5 90-96
110-114 8.0 84-89 C1 8-9
102-109 7.5 77-83
94-101 7.0 69-76
79-93 6.5 60-68 B2 6-7
60-78 6.0 54-59
46-59 5.5 48-53
35-45 5.0 43-47 B1 5
32-34 4.5 36-42
0-31 0.0-4.0 0-35 A1-A2 0-4

Pelmo Test Benchmarks

PELMO Test is an English proficiency test that is scored out of 100 points and will sort you in 4 different English Speaking Skill Levels. Learn how we give points here.

PELMO Test Score

Points Skill Level



The test taker can understand and use only simple spoken language in familiar contexts; frequently shows problems in understanding and expression of the spoken and written English; there can be frequent breakdowns in communication



The test-taker can understand the main ideas and produce simple connected texts in familiar contexts or on topics of personal interest; can briefly describe events and provide simple explanations and give opinions; is likely to have many mistakes.



The test taker can communicate confidently about a variety of topics; can communicate with native speakers with a degree of spontaneity; can briefly give reasons; has enough language structures and vocabulary to operate in everyday situations; there may be many inaccuracies and misunderstandings.



The test taker can understand abstract topics, including some technical vocabulary in familiar contexts; can spontaneously interact with native speakers without much difficulty in understanding; can create moderately complex oral and written texts on a variety of topics; can describe benefits and drawbacks; there may be some inaccuracies and misunderstandings.



The test taker can understand and create a variety of well-organized complex oral and written texts; can recognize implicit meanings; can use language flexibly and effectively in social, academic and professional contexts; has a good command of organizational patterns and linking devices; can create detailed argumentation; there may be a few occasional unsystematic mistakes.



The test taker can easily understand and interpret almost any oral and written text; can summarize and present the content of a variety of oral and written sources; can express thoughts with fluency and precision; can express different shades of meaning.


High Advanced

The test taker has fully operational command of the language; has a good command of idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms; can easily interact with natural referencing.